What youth are saying [#6]:

“I liked it, it was pretty good. It was exciting getting volunteer/work experience and meeting new people. I gained confidence in myself and taking the bus to my work.”  anonymous youth

What youth are saying [#5]:

“To help me prepare for interviews and apply for jobs. I had a great experience. Helped me gain confidence that I could get a job and I did!” anonymous youth

What youth are saying [#3]:

“My anxiety made it incredibly difficult to go out and find any employment. When I first started the program, I was supported through interview prep and resume making. The experience was a very positive one.”  anonymous youth

What youth are saying [#2]:

“I have a paper route, but other than that I don’t have too many jobs. I needed some work experience so that when I get a better job that helps pay the bills then I had some preparation. It helped me make my own decisions with some help from others.”  anonymous youth

What youth are saying [#1]:

My daughter has had a couple jobs but always quit after the first few “I suffer from social anxiety, have a very difficult time talking with people. Experience so far is great!”  anonymous youth