Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Youth have to have a specific diagnosis to participate?

No, our program is unique in the sense that it accepts youth who self-identify as having a barrier.

What are the basic expectations of Youth in this program?

  • The youth must be motivated to find employment. We find that if the motivation is coming from a parent or other source, the participant is significantly less likely to be successful.
  • Youth should expect to meet with their counsellor at least once a week for the first 3 weeks (discovery). While job searching youth may meet with counsellors once every 2 weeks. 
  • Youth will need to have flexibility in their schedules to meet with their employment counsellors and to attend interviews. Counsellors typically work 9am-5pm Monday–Friday. 
  • Youth should have basic bus training especially if they have very specific job placement expectations (e.g. if John only wants to work with animals he should be willing to bus some distance to achieve this goal).
  • Youth will be meeting employment counsellors independently in the community. 
  • Participants will communicate with their counsellor around attending meetings and give advanced notice for any meeting changes.
  • Youth should be dedicated to the program and to their new positions.
  • Participants should be open-minded to new experiences and different forms of work!

How should a Youth prepare before entering this program?

  • Participating youth should be comfortable riding the bus in the Greater Victoria Area. If a youth needs training for the bus, you can register them in the Travel Training Program by calling (250) 384-7723.
  • Completing volunteer work in an area that relates to a youth’s particular interests or strengths will add experience to their resume. 
  • Review common expectations on a worksite and determine if some areas may need some practice.

How can parents/ caregivers/ friends support Youth to be successful towards their employment goals?

  • Encourage youth to be independent in attending meetings and communicating with their Counsellor and employer.
  • Provide encouragement and support to youth with employment related challenges. 
  • Be available to assist with mock interviews, review of employment expectations, and discussion of positive conflict resolution.
  • Provide transportation when necessary for youth (independent means of transportation is recommended but some support in transportation may be required with new employment placements).

What are common areas of improvement for Youth to be successful in attaining paid employment?

  • Youth need to be motivated to work! Parents, guardians, and counsellors cannot provide the needed motivation to be successful; this has to come from the youth.
  • Youth need to communicate regularly with their Employment Counsellor. Please tell the Counsellor the best way to keep in touch and if there are any challenges with scheduling/remembering appointments.
  • When youth are open to a variety of jobs and have greater flexibility in their work schedule availability, finding a paid job is a quicker and easier process.